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Yes, a newbie

Hrm.. I'm not really sure what to say other than I just joined. I first heard about Neil Gaiman and his books while searching a walkthrough to a game (I got stuck, I don't cheat =P The walkthrough was for Tomb Raider 3, specifically). I searched google for the book and read the summary and it sounded good to me. I reserved it at the library, but had to wait four weeks to get a copy of my own. While I waited, I checked out a Sandman comic (I don't remember which one, I apologize.) and Stardust, both of which were wonderful to read. I finally got Neverwhere and was blown away. It's definately on my "read-once-per-year" list. I checked several used book shops in Colorado Springs and downtown Manitou, but, alas, no one had one. I moved out to Salt Lake City and finally found a copy. I plan on reading it again very soon, and right when I get around to getting a library card, I will be getting more of his books to fill my time with.

Right then. So that's me. I'm not sure how often I'll post, but it's definately an honor to be here and I'll comment on others' posts. =)
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